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Kirks Sharpening and Repair Services

All work done with care and with a short turn around time .

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 Kirk's Sharpening &
             Repair Service                                                  
*All Work Guaranteed*
Kirk Fenner Phone: (605)394-0385
8320 Miracle DriveCell: (605) 431-3148
Rapid City, SD 57702
ClippersClipper Blade SharpeningTax and Shipping
Small Animal/ Beauty/ Barber$5.00 per Blade set (A5 & AG)Not included 
Large Animal$6.00 per Large Blade set 
 (Stewart & Lister) 
Hand Sharpened$6.50 per Ceramic Blade set 
Clipper Repair$20.00 labor per clipper (plus parts) 
Clipper Cleaning & Inspection$10.00 labor per clipper 
KnivesKnife Sharpening Tax and Shipping 
Pocket$1.00 per BladeNot included
Restaurant$.25 to .35 per inch 
Hunting$.25 per inch 
Home$.25 to .35 per inch 
Sheers & ScissorsSheers & Scissors Sharpening Tax and Shipping
Beauty$20.00 low end, $30.00 high end eachNot included
Barber$20.00 low end, $30.00 high end each 
Fabric$10.00 low end, $20.00 high end,  
 Pinking sheers $25.00 each 
Home & Office$10.00 low end $20.00 medium range  
 $30.00 high end each 
Grooming $10.00 low end $20.00 medium range